A Casual Drink; Redefined

Lithium, valproate, Valium, olanzepine, asenepine, duloxetine, chlorpromazine, lamotrigine, anksilon, zoloft, Pristiq, oxazepam, lexapro, quetiapine, propranolol, agomelatine, lyrica, modafinil, stilnox, temazepam, amitriptyline, lorazepam. Spread out over the past ten years and finally found a combo which works- for now. It’s no wonder that I’m going grey. Still I would rather be grey than cray. Wouldn’t I… […]

Promised Monday Post- Part II

Still feeling very unwell today although boosted by the afore mentioned miracle bean, it is my hope to return as an inmate, suffocating in my own mucous or not, and get through the day. It’s proven that human interaction decreases depressive episodes so why not take the plunge and just go to work sick? Well […]

Another Week

Well, it’s been an interesting week. I had two days off with a severe migraine which my partner has somehow turned into a cold as well. I can’t wait to start studying to be a nurse. Finally a job where I genuinely get to help people. I’ve worked in call centres “helping” people since I […]